Sl.NoApplicant NameMarks Out of 10Total 12 Questions
Applicant Prefer
01Deep Shinha057wrong or 5 correctNo
02Rokiya Khatun102 w / 10CNo
03Rani Pandit101W/11CNo
04Arghya Kr. Malick093W/9CNo
05Rani Basek08Information
Sent to Wp no
06Abhijit Majee101W/11CNo
07Naren Tudu101W/11CNo
08Dipyendu Pal101W/11cNo
09Bristy Mukherjee
10Shilpa Mondal093W/9CNo
11Soham Ghosh1001w/11cNo
12Suman Shinha101w/11cNo
13MD. R Amin102w/10cNo
14Apurba Mahata10All Correct2ND
15Sandip Nayek10All Correct1ST
16Sudipta Samanta093W /09 CorrectNo

Notice : Who have Given The Mock But Name Is Not Shawn In the
List , he or she can contact me on +91 9547988499 by Whatsapp and Email Us on : [email protected]

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